St Edward the Confessor Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic community of the Suburb and environs is within the parish of St Edward the Confessor at the junction of Hoop Lane and Finchley Road. New worshippers and visitors receive a warm welcome.


The Mission of St Edward the Confessor was opened on Christmas Day 1909 when two Masses were said by Father Bendon, the First Parish Priest in what is now the parish office in the Presbytery, and 50 people were present. Mass was said on each Sunday at 8 and 10 after that first Christmas morning, and Fr Bendon moved into the new house on January 22nd 1910. It was soon evident that the temporary Chapel would be too small and many of the congregation heard Mass, weather permitting, on the grass outside the Presbytery, or even kneeling on the stairs leading up to the first floor of the house. 

A larger building was soon decided upon, and St Edward’s Hall was built in 1911 to accommodate 300 people at a cost of £1,000. The late Father Bendon promised to start the new Church when the sum of £2,000 was in the Bank. This was achieved towards the end of 1913, and on March 25th 1914 His Eminence the late Cardinal Bourne laid the foundation stone, and despite wartime delays the Church was opened on the Feast of St Edward the Confessor, October 13th 1915, by Cardinal Bourne. A detailed history with photographs can be found at

Clergy, times of Mass and other Services

The Parish Priest is Father Tony Convery. Times of Mass and other Services can be found at with full details of the numerous activities including the following regarding outreach:
“The Outreach Group is a subcommittee of the monthly Parish Council. Its role is to oversee our service ministries, parish pastoral care and evangelisation efforts, and it reaches out to parishioners and other groups within the parish (sometimes outside too) with a view to increasing and improving relationships within our parish and our community. We organise visits to parishioners who would like to be visited and we provide support to those in need.”


St Edward the Confessor Catholic Church
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