About HGS Heritage

In 2008, a committee with membership drawn from many of the Suburb's most important organisations and societies came together to form a working group under the aegis of the HGS Residents Association, and in 2011 incorporated HGS Heritage as an independent registered charity with the public benefit aim of preserving and recording the Suburb's past and future.

Unlike several of the other English Garden Cities and Garden Suburbs, Hampstead Garden Suburb does not have a museum of its own to preserve the many artefacts, photographs and other documents relevant to its foundation and its history to the present day. Records are scattered across many different institutions and many are still privately owned by local Suburb organisations and also by individual residents.

HGS Heritage is proud to have created the Hampstead Garden Suburb Virtual Museum, an ever-evolving project available to all worldwide.

In keeping with modern technology, this Virtual Museum is a means of meeting the needs, both locally and worldwide, of those who simply have a general interest in Hampstead Garden Suburb to those carrying out in-depth research. With this website as a tool, HGS Heritage intends to encourage local people, and organisations that are not yet involved, to tell us about, track down, register and even donate the Suburb's memorabilia, so that they are not lost for posterity. Importantly, the Virtual Museum enables instant access, using the tools of modern technology,  and lends itself to continual updating as memorabilia are brought to HGS Heritage's notice.

The project has benefited enormously from the records kept by a number of Suburb institutions, not least the Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust and the Hampstead Garden Suburb Archives Trust and increasingly residents and member organisations – click here for What's New

Patrons: Martin Bell, Sir Roderick Braithwaite, Jane Goldman, Lord Winston


We thank the sponsors and donors who have made this Virtual Museum possible:

Hampstead Garden Suburb Residents Association
Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust
Donations from residents and charitable foundations