Invitation to Queen Mary Visit 1918
Invitation to Queen Mary Visit 1918

This invitation was for the Royal Visit of Queen Mary to the Suburb in 1918 when she laid the foundation stone for Henritta Barnett School. 

Document, HGSAT110
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Henrietta Barnett cutting the first sod
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Queen Mary, Henrietta Barnett, Lord Emmott
Queen Mary, wife of King George V, reigned from 1910-36 seeing Britain through the First World War and the rise of Nationalism and Socialism. 
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Princess Margaret Cutting First Sod 1957
Photos marking some of the presitgious royal visits to the Suburb including Princess Magaret, Queen Mother and Queen Mary.

Free Church Engraved Stone
A series of plaques and engraved stones across the Suburb commemorating different events and figures throughout the Suburb's history.
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Ethel Hutchings meets Queen Mary
Photograph of the first Head Mistress of Henrietta Barnett School Miss Hutchings, meeting Queen Mary at the opening of Crewe Hall in 1932.

This photo shows Queen Mary leaving the opening of Queen Mary Hall in the Institute in 1924, alongside Henrietta Barnett

This photo shows the royal visit from Queen Mary, The Prince of Wales and Princess Mary in on March 2nd 1918.

The photo also features Countess Lytton, Lady Bertha Dawkins, Henrietta Barnett, Mr Litchfield and Mr Cooper. 

Queen Mary, Henrietta Barnett, Lord Emmott
This photo shows the visit of Queen Mary to the suburb, standing alongside Henrietta Barnett and Lord Emmott looking out across the East End of the Suburb and the houses built for the use of Officer's Families. 

This engraved stone in Henrietta Barnett School, celebrating the stone being laid by Queen Mary in 1918

This invitation and information sheet relate to the unveiling of a plaque by the Duke of Gloucester commemorating his visit to the Suburb on its centenary. He followed in the footsteps of both his grandmother Queen Mary in 1918 and his cousin Princess Magaret in 1957 in unveiling plaques on Henrietta Barnett School. 

This is the programme of events from the visit of Queen Mary to the Suburb in 1918, when she laid the foundation stone in what was then known as The Barnett School. This is one of a number of visits made by her majesty to the Suburb.