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Charlotte Charlton
Charlotte Charlton

Overview for Charlotte Charlton

Charlotte Charlton aka Charlotte Hedley Charlton or C Hedley Charlton

Lived at 211 Hampstead Way (was 103 in 1911 Census).

She was a lodger in the house and completed a separate census form as her two rooms were considered a separate household.

Born 1866 in Middlesbrough. Father was a coal merchant and household employed servants and a governess, but later fell on hard times. Charlotte taught art in a boarding school before moving to London in 1898.

She was a member of the Artists Suffrage League, which was affiliated to the NUWSS. She was an artist-illustrator for magazines and also designed material for the suffrage cause, some of which are in the Museum of London Votes for Women collection.

She died in Brighton in 1945

NB The Census Form was labelled ‘Miss Charlton and Miss Layton’ by the enumerator on the front. Miss Layton was Ethel Layton with whom Charlotte had lived since about 1898. Ethel appeared in court in November 1911 for breaking windows at the Home Office (with Marion Wallace Dunlop, an artist, prominent suffragette and probably the first hunger striker) and imprisoned for 7 days and was therefore presumably a WSPU member. Ethel does not appear anywhere in the 1911 Census records, so was presumably evading.

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