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Ethel Layton

Ethel Layton

Lived at: 211 Hampstead Way (was 103 in 1911 Census), as a lodger with Charlotte Charlton

Dates: Unknown

Suffrage organisation(s):

  • Likely Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU)

Key roles:
  • Evaded the 1911 Census, likely due to her involvement in militant suffrage activities.

1911 Census:
  • Not recorded in the census, likely evading as she was involved in militant activities.

Militant Activities:
  • Appeared in court in November 1911 for breaking windows at the Home Office with Marion Wallace Dunlop, and was imprisoned for 7 days.

Other achievements:
  • Lived with Charlotte Charlton
  • Member of the Artists Suffrage League, and likely supported the suffrage cause through her association with Charlton.

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