Painted Panoramas c1924

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Two paintings of the Suburb in the 1920s were found in 2017 in a shed behind Fellowship House. They appear to be water colours on paper but await conservationist advice before they can be removed from their frames to be sure. One shows the crematorium looking towards Temple Fortune Lane, with Meadway Gate and Hampstead Way much as they appear today. The other is very different as it shows the two churches on Central Square but only part of what is now the central building of Henrietta Barnett School, and behind it only Southwood Court (not Bigwood Court), just a few houses in Northway, no Southway, and open fields towards the Market Place and East Finchley. It would seem that the area now covered by Bigwood Court is a building site. Subject to research, the likely year depicted is 1924.

Each painting is just over 3 metres long and  just under 1 metre high.