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Beatrice Le Mesurier
Beatrice Le Mesurier

Overview for Beatrice Le Mesurier

The inside of Jessey Wade's  Census form appears to have been filled in by Beatrice Le Mesurier, who was a boarder at the property. She  recorded her occupation as “Suffragette (unwaged) Women’s Freedom League”. She also originally wrote ‘unenfranchised’ in final column which is headed ‘Infirmity’ but this was crossed out (in red by the Registrar).

Miss Le Mesurier appears frequently in The Vote (WFL newspaper) as the Honorary Procession Secretary, based at WFL headquarters, organizing WFL participation in the Coronation Women’s Procession. In September 1910, she appears under a headline “The Vote Girl”: responsible for increasing the sale of THE VOTE. Those Branches who are anxious for the " VOTE GIRL" to campaign in their districts should write at once”.

The form was annotated by the enumerator as follows: Open house for suffragettes – 8 additional women recorded, total occupancy 10 females

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