Beatrice Le Mesurier

Beatrice Le Mesurier

Lived at: 3 Temple Fortune Farm (now 221 Hampstead Way)

Dates: Unknown

Suffrage organisation(s):

  • Women's Freedom League (WFL)

Key roles:
  • Honorary Procession Secretary at WFL headquarters
  • Responsible for organizing WFL participation in the Coronation Women’s Procession
  • Known as "The Vote Girl" for her efforts in increasing sales of the WFL newspaper

1911 Census:
  • Filled in the Census form for Jessey Wade's home as a 'suffragette (unwaged)' as she was a lodger there
  • Originally listed "unenfranchised" in the column for "Infirmity", which was crossed out by the Registrar.

Militant Activities:
  • No record of militant activities.

Other achievements:
  • Played key roles in WFL activities and organising suffragette participation in events.

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