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Doris Mary Bartrum

Doris Mary Bartrum

Lived at:

  • 28 Asmuns Hill

Suffrage organization(s):
  • Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU)

1911 Census:
  • The householder completed the form on behalf of himself and daughter, but only provided the name of his wife, Doris Mary Bartrum, and a visiting friend, Alice Glover.
  • Mrs Bartrum is noted to have written in large red writing: “VOTELESS Women of Household only prevented by illness from evading census, therefore have refused to give information to occupier”.

Militant Activities:
  • Doris Mary Bartrum appears in the suffragette arrest record for 'Black Friday' (18/11/1910), which was a major protest where a deputation to the House of Commons was planned to see Prime Minister Asquith, who had reneged on his promise to grant women property owners over 30 the vote.
  • Doris was one of the women who were individually dismissed by the judge after being arrested at Bow Street Police Court on 19/11/10.

Other achievements:
  • There is no information available about Doris Mary Bartrum's other achievements.

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