Pageant and Play Union created

After WW1, the Pageant Committee and the indoor drama schemes, such as the Stuart Murray Memorial Theatre, were combined to form the Play and Pageant Union. Henrietta Barnett was the Union’s first president. From 1920, the Pageant Ground was used as the setting for the plays and pageants.

Pageant and Play Union created
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1913 June Masque
Formed after World War I in 1920 after uniting the Pageant Committee with the indoor dramatic activities of the Suburb, it eventually merged with the Speedwell Players in 1966 to form the Garden Suburb Theatre which is still active now.

Henrietta Barnett in profile
Born in 1856 Henrietta Barnett founded the Hampstead Garden Suburb in 1906 as an area to the north of London with affordable housing and green spaces so the working clas did not have to live in the slums she experienced in Whitechapel.