Barnett Newbury recalls the bomb in North End Road
Barnett Newbury recalls the bomb in North End Road

North End Road bombing 1941

The North End Road mine fell on the edge of Golders Hill Park, right opposite the Hare and Hounds. The famous hostelry was wrecked, people inside and out were casualties, some of them fatal, and the Manor House Hospital was damaged though the patients were unhurt. The Late Mr James Linkhorn, Secretary of the Manor House was a patient in one of the wards at the time and he was delighted with the calm behaviour of the staff and patients alike.

“As soon as it was known all were safe”, he said “the patients started community singing, and went on till day break. I am sorry to say this bomb caused a few casualties among the Civil Defence personnel."


Extract from Hendon and her Neighbours in the Air Raids 1940-1945

By Barnett Newbury editor of the Hendon and Finchley Times during the War

(In the collection of the Garden Suburb Archives)

Document, WW2-6-5
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