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Lucy Henderson
Lucy Henderson

Overview for Lucy Henderson

Lived at  2 Hogarth Hill

Appears to have avoided registration in the Census.  Her husband and servant appear at the address, but she appears nowhere, which is surprising as she did not belong to a militant suffragette organisation, however it is possible that she was with her neighbour Margaret Stockman.

She was Secretary and Treasurer of Hampstead branch of Church League for Women’s Suffrage (CLWS) from c 1913 to at least 1915, as well as a period of involvement before 1911. She is recorded as the speaker or chair at a range of meetings across London and Home Counties

There is no record of her involvement in other suffrage groups (though this wasn’t unusual). In Hampstead, the CLWS worked closely with other suffrage groups although there were serious disagreements about militant acts and also anti-tax protests.

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