Alice Vickery Drysdale
Alice Vickery Drysdale

Overview of Alice Vickery Drysdale

She lived at 47 Rotherwick Road

She was the mother of Charles Vickery Drysdale. Moved here in 1911, but completely evaded the Census.

Was England’s first qualified female pharmacist and druggist in 1873. Also achieved a degree in midwifery in 1873. As women were unable to qualify as doctors, she then went to medical school in Paris, qualified there and returning to England as soon as women were able to register as doctors. (Charles was also born whilst she was at medical school in Paris). Was one of the first five women registered as doctors in England in 1880.

Long term campaigner for a range of social issues, especially birth control and female emancipation. Initially a member of NUWSS, then WPSU before moving to the WFL.  Was also a member of the Women’s Anti-Taxation League and had goods confiscated for withholding property taxes for this address.

Founding meeting of Hendon Women’s Franchise Society held at her house. This was affiliated to the United Suffragists formed in February 1914 mainly by former members of the WSPU. Unlike the WSPU it admitted both men and non-militant suffragists.

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