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Cicely Dean Corbett
Cicely Dean Corbett

Overview to Cicely Dean Corbett

Cicely Dean Corbett, born 1885 (later Cicely Corbett Fisher) lived at 8 Heathgate (from c1922)

Her parents were both pro-women’s suffrage Liberals and spoke in favour of the campaign East Grinstead High Street when she and her sister were growing up. She went to Somerville, Oxford in 1904 where she was an active member of the local branch of the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies, including representing them at the national conference. After Oxford, she went to work at the Women’s Industrial Council, where she campaigned against low pay and poor working conditions. She was also a member of the Anti-Sweating League for whom she organised conferences.

Disappointed with the poor record of the Liberal Party with respect to women's suffrage, Cicely and her sister Margery Corbett Ashby broke away from the Women's Liberal Federation and formed the Liberal Women's Suffrage Group. Spoke widely both to Liberal Women’s Groups and for NUWSS. She appears at her parents’ house in Sussex in the 1911 Census and is listed as a suffrage lecturer.

Cicely also worked with Men’s League for Women’s Suffrage, often speaking with male speakers such as Laurence Housman at their outdoor rallies. Clearly a gifted speaker, frequently outdoors and to very large crowds.  She was Secretary of the International Women’s Franchise Club which was formed in 1909. She was also on the council of the Actresses Franchise League and the executive of the East St Pancras NUWSS.

Her sister, Margery Corbett Ashby was Secretary of the NUWSS from 1907 (and is named on the Fawcett statue).

Cicely married Charles Dempster Fisher in 1913.

After the First World War, she continued to campaign for the enfranchisement of women, particularly with the International Women’s Suffrage Alliance. Became a Fabian and member of the Labour party. More locally she chaired the Hendon Women Citizen’s Council 1926-27

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