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Timeline of events

Select Early History relating to the formation of the Hampstead Garden Suburb and its management

  • 1903 – June Hampstead Heath Extension Council formed
  • 1904 – 12 May formation of the Garden Suburb Trust (until 12 March 1906)
  • 1906 – 12 March formation of the Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust Limited
  • 1907 - 27 March The Heath Extension conveyed to the London County Council
  • 1907 – 2 May 1st sod for first houses in Hampstead Garden Suburb cut
  • 1907 – June – Co-partnership Tenants Ltd formed

Government Acts, the collapse of the Garden Suburb Trust and the formation of the New Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust and formation of Hampstead Garden Suburb as a conservation area

  • 1962 – Middlesex Development plan gives special consideration to the planned community area of Hampstead Garden Suburb as an example of town planning of historic interest...
  • 1964- Ministry of Housing and local government issued a statutory list of over 60 buildings in the “old” Suburb which they considered to be of architectural or historic interest. Others have been added since
  • 1964 – Mr Eccles resigned as Chairman of the Trust and in April three Suburb residents were elected as directors until the Directorship of George Crosfield.
  • 1967 – Leasehold Reforms Act – Enabled tenants to purchase their freehold and for landowners to set up schemes of management to control alterations to enfranchised properties where there was a real threat to the character of an area of special interest.
  • 1967 - Civic Amenities Act
  • 7/7/1967 Hampstead and Highgate Express reported of meeting in Fellowship House – 30 architects and planners met to form a pressure group to keep the Suburb beautiful
  • 1968 – September the Trust wound up
  • 1968 New Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust formed
  • Dec 1968 – HGS became one of first 5 conservation areas designated by London Borough of Barnet
  • 1969 – October - Ownership of the Suburb changed hands. Suburb Leaseholds sold all their Suburb assets at auction to Ashdale Land and Property Co Ltd
  • 1970- July certificates granted to the New HGS Trust and to Ashdale Land and Property Co Ltd under the Leasehold Reform Act. Later announced that the two would work out a joint management scheme.
  • 1970- October, HGS Protection society wound up
  • 1971 - Town and Country Planning Act
  • Hampstead Garden Suburb Council obtained approval from the Secretary of State for the Environment to require planning permission for those classes of development which could influence the character of an area e.g. the erection of hard-standings, gates or a porch.
  • 1974 – January - The New Trust application for a scheme of management heard by the High Court
  • 1974 – January 17 - A scheme of management including alterations made by Ashdale and residents granted to enfranchised properties in both “old and “new” Suburbs. An agreement was signed by the New HGS Trust and Ashdale and was approved by the court.  This enabled the New Trust to act as attorney for all the Ashdale houses in the Suburb. All external alterations to properties came under the Trust’s control.
  • 1974- Town and Country Amenities Act
  • 1976 - letter from Brigit Grafton Green to Graham Brown Planning officer for London Borough of Barnet sending additional material on land acquisition for the purpose of designating areas of the Suburb as area of Outstanding and historic interest
  • Jan 1977 – Area A, 243 acres of the Old Wyldes Estate planned by Raymond Unwin and Edwin Lutyens designated as area of outstanding and historic interest
  • 1989 – The City of London Corporation took over the responsibility of the guardian of the Heath including the Heath Extension
  • 1990 – Planning ( listed Building and conservation area) Act
  • 1996 – 28 November - Lord Inglewood, Heritage Minister, came to the Suburb to mark the statutory listing of more than 500 Suburb properties and there has been further listing to buildings in the 2000s.
  • 2014 - 5th February – In the Royal Town Planning Institute centenary year, the RTPI President visited the Suburb and Trust and presented an award for a 'Mature Planned Community' to "celebrate and acknowledge the special contribution of Hampstead Garden Suburb to the evolution of the science and art of spatial planning and all that is involved in the development of communities that thrive."
  • 2019 – Proposals by Barnet to add further house/areas of Hampstead Garden Suburb to the Local list

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