Youth Music Centre

The Youth Music Centre was established in Bigwood House, Hampstead Garden Suburb in 1967 and since that time has become one of the foremost Saturday morning music schools in London. It held its 50th anniversary concert in St Jude’s in June 2017.9737_ca_object_representations_media_111
29968_ca_object_representations_media_11Founded by viola player Kay Hurwitz MBE
(d 2014 aged 94), with three musical friends, all were determined to give children the opportunity to experience
the joy of music making.
It still welcomes children from ages two to eighteen.

Youth Music Centre
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Tel:         020 8450 9290
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The Youth Music Centre was founded by Kay Hurwitz

The 50th Anniversary of the Youth Music Centre was commemorated with a concert, held at St Jude's