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Dorothy Thurtle

Dorothy Thurtle (née Lansbury)

Dates: 1890-1973

Lived at: 36 Temple Fortune Hill (approximately 1919-1930)

Suffrage organisation(s):

  • Women's Freedom League (WFL)

Key roles:
  • Attended National American Woman Suffrage Convention in 1912.

1911 Census:
  • Complied (on father’s return)

Militant Activities:
  • Opposed more militant suffrage campaigning, including the WSPU window smashing campaign.

Other achievements:
  • Campaigned for a minimum wage for female clerks and was a long-term campaigner for female and maternal health, contraception, and the legalisation of abortion.
  • She was a member of the Birkett Committee on maternal mortality and abortion and issued a minority report proposing local authority birth control clinics and legalising abortion in some circumstances.
  • Co-founded the Workers Birth Control Group in 1924 with her husband Ernest Thurtle.

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