Kathleen Eleanor Roy Rothwell

Kathleen Eleanor Roy Rothwell

Dates: 1874 - 1917

Lived at: 4 Chatham Close

Suffrage organisation(s):

  • Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU)
  • Women's Tax Resistance League

Key roles:
  • Frequently spoke for the WSPU in London and Scotland
  • Participated in suffragette window smashing campaign in 1911
  • Imprisoned in Holloway for two months in 1911
  • Spoke frequently about her prison experience and criticized the conditions for female prisoners

1911 Census:
  • Successfully evaded being counted.

Militant Activities:
  • Participated in the suffragette window smashing campaign in 1911 and was arrested and imprisoned for two months in Holloway Prison
  • Refused to pay property taxes and property distrained by bailiffs in lieu of fines

Other achievements:
  • Taught violin and languages privately

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Kathleen Eleanor Roy Rothwell
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