Charles Evelyn Simmons

Charles Evelyn Simmons, 1879-1952

Lived at: Wyldes Close (designed his own house ) Census 1911

Profession: Architect

Professional work:

  • Assistant to Horace Field (1861-1948) from 1903 -1905.
  • Also attended the Architectural Association in London. 
  • 1905-15  he formed a partnership with Field as Horace Field & Simmons. 
  • 1919 worked as an assistant in the Ministry of Health's Architects Department.
  • Independent practice from 1919 onwards, first in Westminster, London, and  from 1939, in Barnet.
  • Co-designed St Ninian's Roman Catholic church Gretna with Courtney Crickmer; Chiswick Village; The White House, Downage, Hendon. 
  • Elected a Licentiate of the Royal Institute of British Architects (LRIBA) in 1911; 
  • Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects (FRIBA), 1925; elected a member of the Architecture Club, 1924.

Charles Evelyn Simmons
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