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Ernest Urban Trevor Huddleston

Photograph copyright of the National Portrait Gallery NPG x165927

Ernest Urban Trevor Huddleston, 1913-1998 

Lived at: 53 Hampstead Way

Profession: Religious leader

About his life:
  • Sailed to Cape Town 1940; became a community worker
  • Fought against apartheid, earning the nickname Makhalipile (’dauntless one’)
  • Established the African Children's Feeding Scheme and raised money for the Orlando Swimming Pools – the only place black children could swim in Johannesburg until after 1994
  • Served as Bishop of Masasi (Tanzania), Bishop of Stepney and Bishop of Mauritius
  • Became the president of the Anti-Apartheid Movement in 1981, published works such as Naught for Your Comfort, earning the praise of Nelson Mandela

Ernest Urban Trevor Huddleston
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