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Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust

What the Trust Does
The Trust’s purpose is to maintain and preserve the character and amenity of the Suburb.  It holds the freeholds of houses on long leases, some other land and investment property.  The income from and the sale of these assets finance the purposes of the Trust.

In addition, and increasingly importantly, it has the benefit of the covenants to which freehold owners are bound, under a Scheme of Management, giving control over the development of most of the freeholds on the Suburb.  Through the enforcement of these covenants (and similar ones in leases) the Trust can prevent changes in appearance and other developments which are judged would have a deleterious effect on the character and amenity of the Suburb.  It is largely because of these powers that the Suburb continues to be the gem it is renowned to be. For other information and Design Guidelines, see www.hgstrust.org

The importance of Hampstead Garden Suburb in the history of 20th Century architecture and town planning cannot be overestimated. The brainchild of Henrietta Barnett, the Suburb was to be a model community with people of all classes living together in beautiful houses set in a verdant landscape. Laid out by Raymond Unwin, with Edwin Lutyens, the houses and flats represent the best of English domestic architecture of the early twentieth century.

Today, it is an environment of international significance. The eminent architectural historian, Sir Nikolaus Pevsner, described it as "the most nearly perfect example of that English invention and speciality, the garden suburb".

The Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust was set up in 1968 "to do all things possible to maintain and preserve the present character and amenities" of Hampstead Garden Suburb. The Trust operates a Scheme of Management, which ensures that the architectural standards of the Suburb's founders are maintained. The Trust publishes policies for the protection of the character of the Suburb and householders must obtain the Trust's approval before making changes to the external appearance of their property.

Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust
Additional Info
Website: www.hgstrust.org
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