Free Church - The Early Years

On a visit by HRH Queen Mary to the Suburb, the wording on the commemoration stone for the Free Church was agreed by the Queen with Dame Henrietta Barnett. The trowel was in fact wielded by Dame Henrietta and the foundation stone was laid by the Dame along with a number of bricks placed by young children using small trowels, one little girl complaining that she had not been given enough cement.

The words on the foundation stone were “God is greater than the Creeds” and signified the wide scope of the Free Church as it was the first ecumenical non-denominational church in the country. Indeed the Suburb has always provided safe haven for a wide variety of members of religious organisations, including St Jude on the Hill, the Hampstead Suburb Synagogue, the Friends Meeting House, and the adjoining North West Reform Synagogue (Alyth) and St Edward the Confessor.

Free Church - The Early Years
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The Hampstead Garden Suburb Free Church, located in Central Square with St Judes Church and Henrietta Barnett School nearby. Set up in 1910 it has been active in the community for over a century.