Post 1950 Period

Post 1950 years
One of the central features of the 1950s was the rebuilding of the Synagogue, Communal Hall and classrooms. From the mid 1940's there had been constant talk of enlarging. By 1950 plans were beginning to take shape, and the Board appointed a Synagogue Rebuilding and Fund Raising Committee. It was planned to do the rebuilding in two stages. The first stage - the extension and rebuilding of the Synagogue to incorporate a ladies gallery - began on 13th April 1953.

During the rebuilding all Services were held in the Hall and the Hebrew Classes were held in Childs Way School, Temple Fortune. On the 16th February 1958, the new Synagogue was consecrated by the Chief Rabbi, Dr Israel Brodie and Dayan Lew, performed the opening ceremony. The second stage of the rebuilding programme - the new Communal Hall and classrooms above - was begun in 1961. The works were completed by March 1963 and the Hall was named ‘  Max Weinbaum’  to commemorate one thye community’s leading early  stalwarts
Peace, harmony and growth characterised the years of Dayan Lew's Ministry. Relations between HGS and the U.S. Honorary Officers were now extremely cordial. The congregation, disrupted during the War, and with many newcomers, including refugees from various countries, settled down again slowly to become the homogeneous community that it is today HGS has always maintained good relations with the Suburb community at large. From the early days there was a very friendly association with the HGS Institute, and in particular with its principal, Mr Lacey. Consequently, when the Henrietta Bamett Junior School was opened there by Queen Mary in 1938, Rev. Bomstein was asked to take part in the ceremony and read one of the prayers; In the Summer of 1957 the Synagogue participated in the Hampstead Garden Suburb Jubilee. At the Jubilee Service held in the Synagogue, attended by the local dignitaries, Dayan Lew is reported as having said that' as a community they were proud to participate in the celebrations of achievement, progress and triumph; they valued greatly the spirit of mutual respect and confidence which existed among the various sections of the inhabitants of the Suburb; they thanked G-d for the privilege of living in so fair a place and invoked the Divine blessing and protection upon all those who had served it so well'.

In 1967 when the Diamond Jubilee of the Suburb was celebrated, an open evening was held at the Synagogue during which the stained glass windows were exhibited and their meaning explained to the visitors by Dayan Lew and the artist, David Hillman. At the 75th anniversary of the Suburb in 1982, the Jewish community were able to participate in the Firework and Barbecue Party in Central Square since a Kosher Barbecue was organised and prepared by the younger members of the Synagogue. It should also be mentioned that on occasion members of the Finchley Council of Christians and Jews have attended Shabbat morning services and have been addressed by the Minister
In 1969 Dayan Lew retired after 23 years of dedicated service to the congregation, having seen it become the large and thriving community that it has remained. Since his retirement he continued to reside in the district and had been available to advise and assist whenever called upon so to do. On the rare occasions that he was persuaded to enter the pulpit, it was a great pleasure to listen to the polished style and literary flavour of his Sermons.
The  HGS synagogue  has continued to grow over the past 50 years and now has a membership that consists of  some 1200  families.

Its spiritual leadership was headed after  Dayan Lew's retirement by  Rabbi Bernstein and then by Rabbi Jackson , This was followed by Rabbi Livingstone. 'He became Chaplain to  the Armed forces iin 2011 and was succeeded by Rabbi Dov Kaplan. he is due to reutrn to Israel in 2018 and beb succeeded by Rabbi Danie lFriedman

Post 1950 Period
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Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue
Built in 1935 the Hampstead Garden Suburb has been at the heart of the Suburb's large Jewish community for nearly 80 years.