Vicars of St Jude

1908 - 1929  Basil Graham Bourchier M.A.
1930 - 1936  Edward Durbridge Arundell M.A.
1936 - 1954  William Heron Maxwell Rennie B.A.
1955 - 1962  William Mansfield Masters O.B.E.
1963 - 1973  Robin Arnold Dunhill M.A.
1974 - 1986  James Michael Porteus M.A.
1987 - 1994  Jeremy John Bunting M.A.
1994         Alan Robert Glaister Walker M.A. M.Th. LL.B

Vicars of St Jude
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Painting of Rev Bourchier
The first vicar of the church Rev Basil Graham Bourchier was a loyal servant to St Jude's and a popular figure, gathering crowds from all around London to see him preach. 

Portrait of Rev Rennie
Third Vicar of St Jude's church, he served for nearly 20 years from 1936-1954 when he sadly died in office.

St Judes Church
Located in Central Square, St Jude's Church was consecrated in 1911 and the spire dedicated in 1913, it has been a key part of the Suburb's history and heritage from it's earliest days.