Aerial Photographs

Aerial Photographs, part of the Raymond Lowe collection

There would appear to be three series of pictures taken from the air' The fust series was published by photochrome Co. Ltd. London & Tunbridge wells by arrangement with Aircraft Manufactming Co. Ltd. They seem to be taken after the first world war when aerial photography was developed in order to photograph our and the enemy lines. Card no. 780 shows a tiny part of the Suburb, Wiid Hatch. This series covers at least a major part of central London.

The second series was published by M/s. Copart Ltd. for their 25th anniversary in 1937 . The company who took the photographs was Aero Pictures. of 136, Regent Street W.1

The third series was published by M/s Coparts and Copatt Ltd. for the 1957 Silver Jubilee of the Suburb. There are a number of these cards showing various views of the central area of the Suburb. All these cards
appear to have been taken during a single flight over the Suburb or several passes on the same day.

Aerial Photographs
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