Other Suburb Institutions

Postcards of other suburb institutions, part of the Raymond Lowe Collection

The Mothers' Rest Home. This home was in existence before 1912 when Queen Mary sent 12 pheasants to the residents in Decernber of that year. It was set up by a fund led by the Women's Adult School based on another scheme of Henrietta Bamett. It finally closed in 1935. Miss Ethel Whitehead remembers her rnother heiping at the home. Two nursing mothers frorn the East End and their babies stayed at the home at any one time. Local mothers would knit baby clothes for the babies and invite their mothers to their own homes for aftemoon tea. Mrs Monk, wife of another Post Office worker also helped. When the home closed the fumiture was sold off and Mrs. Whitehead bought a nursing chair. The horne is also shown on the left hand side of card no. 713C.

The "Haven of Rest", or as it became known "The Orchard", was arother of Henrietta's schemes. It housed 57 elderly single people. Because of a lack of maintenance the buildings f'ell into distepair and were demolished in 1970/71. The present buildings designed by M Darke are functional but completely out of character with the snrrounding houses and show none of the innovatron of the first Orchard. The card of the royal visit is fairly cornmon. There is no publisher's name.

Other Suburb Institutions
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