Webinar: Lutyens’s Churches in the Hampstead Garden Suburb

Webinar by The Lutyens Trust America

Timothy Brittain-Caitlin, Duncan Stroik

Host & Moderator: Martin Lutyens

St. Jude-on-the-Hill and the Free Church are part of the ensemble of buildings designed by Edwin Lutyens to complete his vision for the Central Square of the Hampstead Garden Suburb. Lutyens’s plan for the formal center of the development placed three linked squares around the Central Square, with each linked square anchored by a major public building. St Jude, on the South Square, faces the Free Church, on the North Square, with the Institute anchoring the east side.


Webinar: Lutyens’s Churches in the Hampstead Garden Suburb
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Early views of the free church
The Hampstead Garden Suburb Free Church, located in Central Square with St Judes Church and Henrietta Barnett School nearby. Set up in 1910 it has been active in the community for over a century.

St Judes Church
Located in Central Square, St Jude's Church was consecrated in 1911 and the spire dedicated in 1913, it has been a key part of the Suburb's history and heritage from it's earliest days.